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LaTricia Rayenae


First of all, just so you know, LaTricia is pronounced like Latrisha and Rayenae is the same as Renee. 

LaTricia Rayenae


Latrisha Renee

Blame my parents.


Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, hello! Welcome to the page where I awkwardly talk about myself and my art.

I am primarily a digital artist, though I do dabble in traditional mediums as well. My style is generally what I consider “semi-realistic” and is inspired heavily by comic and manga art. 


Inspiration comes from a wide variety of places but mostly fantasy and fairytales, the beauty of nature, and my experiences with mental health and illness. My desire to tell stories and help others are also major influences on my art.

I have some major ongoing projects that I am very proud of that you can learn more about by clicking around on this site. Each is a labor of love and fits with my goal of using my skills as an artist to try to reach out and help others.


I am also available for commission work! You can send me an email at

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